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Dredge Caller

Dredge Caller


“Dredge-Teasers” have been commonly found among the spread in the sailfish tournament circuit. You’ve seen the results of what dredges can do for raising fish! Now you can enhance your dredges productivity by adding The Dredge Caller. This unit is capable of producing numerous sounds of different natural baitfish used for sailfish. Our “acoustic sound waves” travel up to 4 times the distance of a dredge without The Caller.

Livingston Lures is the first to use EBS TechnologyTM to attract Fish, Crab, Lobster, and Shrimp. Live baits emit a natural vibration that signals when it’s in distress or feeding to make easy pray opportunities for the predator. Our EBS Technology electronically replicates the actual biological sounds made by these baitfish and food sources.

With EBS Technology, natural sounds are detected from outside the visual range and are heard from very long distances underwater.

INCLUDES: 2 Spare O-Rings and 1 Spare Pin

Product Specs:

Product Series: Caller

Depth: 600'

Weight: 6.3oz

Length: 4.25"

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