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The Difference Is Clear

Our Lures Are Designed To Call The Fish To You!

Livingston Lures feature Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS™) Technology, which is embedded on a smart chip in the internal sound chamber of each lure. This EBS Technology™ makes natural sounds mimicking baitfish that bass, walleye, pike, redfish, striper, perch and all predatory fish feed on.

Well I caught an 8.02lbs Largemouth with the Spin Master on my first trip out,  man that fish tried to crush it. I picked up the rod again with the spin master and went catching. Total bass for the day was 28 and 9 were in the 2 to 3 pound range all on the Spin Master. Thanks for the great lure and the memories!!

- Danny Glover
Snow Camp, NC

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