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Designed to attract the biggest fish that swim in the biggest offshore waters in the world, the BIG SHOT was engineered to excel at high trolling speeds for wahoo and tuna (but it'll attract everything from dorado to yellowtail!). It starts with the Big Shot's ultra-tight action, which holds true whether you're trolling it in the prop wash or off a downrigger. This action is catapulted to the next level with Electronic Baitfish Sounds, which broadcasts the sounds of baitfish (Bonita, etc.) and boosts the Big Shot's attraction radius by up to four times that of traditional trolling lures. The Big Shot is constructed to hold up to big-water abuse, with wire-through construction and heavy-duty components.

All Livingston Lures are water activated. The contact points are the eyelets that hold the hooks. When the lure comes in contact with water, it completes the circuit between both eyelets and activates the lure. You can simulate the connection by placing your fingertips on both hook eyelets at the same time. Hold the lure close to your ear (not too close though) and listen to the sound of a distressed Shad, or crawfish one of nature’s most sought after forage fish, minnows, croakers, mullet and more. The sound the lure emits is located on the package near the UPC code on the back. If there isn’t a sound there, your lure emits EBS Original sound which is the distressed Shad. While it may sound like a chirp to us, to a predator it sounds like a dinner bell.


Type: Lipless Crankbait

Depth: 20'-25'

Trolling: 8 mph up to 16 mph

Action: Sinker

Weight: 10.35 oz

Length: 8.27"

Features: EBS Smart Chip

Hooks: 4X Strong, MUSTAD 9/O X2


EBS Mullet: Yellow Fin Tuna, Mullet, Red Black, Wahoo

EBS Mackerel: Blue Mackerel

EBS Bunker: Dorado

EBS Ballyhoo: Ballyhoo, Purple Orange, Purple Black


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