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The RACHEL will fill several roles in your musky/pike-fishing tackle box. You can troll it down to 15 feet and let the classic wide wobble go to work. You can crank it like a traditional crankbait down to 6 feet. Or you can twitch it like a jerkbait, with lots of erratic darting action. However you choose to fish this lure, you'll have the advantage of EBS TechnologyTM, which emits the actual biological sounds of forage that predators commonly feed on. That translates into an attraction radius that's double that of a traditional lure and the ultimate enhancement to the Rachel's versatility as a must-have bait for predators! Built with 2mm wire-through construction.

All Livingston Lures are water activated. The contact points are the two brass trigger points on top of the lure. When the lure comes in contact with water, it completes the circuit between both tigger points and activates the lure. You can simulate the connection by placing your fingertips on both brass trigger points at the same time. Hold the lure close to your ear (not too close though) and listen to the sound of distressed baitfish. The sound the lure emits is located on the package near the UPC code on the back. While it may sound like a chirp to us, to a predator it sounds like a dinner bell.


Type: Crankbait

Depth: 2'-6'

Trolling: 2.3mph -3.5 mph

Action: Slow Float

Weight: 3.25 oz

Length: 7.6"

Features: EBS Smart Chip

Hooks: 3X Strong, VMC BZ 3/O X3


EBS Cisco: Cisco

EBS Perch: Black Perch, Carp/Sucker Fish, Canadian Crush, Matte Tiger, Orange Tiger, Natural Perch, Juvenile Pike, Holographic Silver Shiner, Yellow Perch, Red Rover, Fire Perch, Green Perch

EBS Herring: Whitefish

EBS Goby: Gold Metallic Scale Black

EBS Shad: Shimmering Shad


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