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Livingston Lures’ proprietary EBS Sound Technology emulates natural baitfish sounds and “calls” fish to it! EBS makes an artificial lure more effective from twice as far away as unnatural sounding lures, in all fishing conditions, especially in dirty or dark waters where predators rely on sound before sight to run or feed.


EBS MultiTouch Sound Technology gives anglers 4 sound modes to choose from—3 bait sounds: EBS Original, EBS Craw and EBS Shad, plus a silent mode that shuts off all sound. Four options to expand our fish catching capabilities in ONE LURE!

How Fish Hear

1.Lateral line - detects sound vibrations
2.Inner ears - pick up higher frequency sounds
3.Swim bladder - air-filled bladder that acts as a resonating chamber, producing and receiving sound

We focus our technology on how fish hear,
and design our lures based on that science.

All aquatic life generates sounds. When fish compress their gill plates, the muscles that move them beat against their swim bladder. In the scientific community this is known as drumming. and it causes the swim bladder to emit unique sounds that other fish can hear from long distances. With crawfish, crab and shrimp, the identifiable sounds they make are generated by their claws grabbing or their feet scurrying over rocks as they feed. These sounds identify where it is and if it’s dinner to eat or a predator searching to eat. Fish don’t just hear any old sounds. Sounds have to be in a sweet spot, meaning the sound vibration has to be generated at the right frequency and decibels for the sound produced to be heard by the fish. Livingston Lures generate their sounds in that range. EBS Technology is activated at the correct frequency and decibels when the lure is submerged in water. It automatically turns off when out of the water. All Livingston Lures feature EBS Sound Technology. Electronic Baitfish Sounds, the electronic replication of natural sounds obtained from university studies and research programs, are embedded on a smart chip in the internal sound chamber of each lure.

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