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The Sami App acts as your virtual tackle box allowing you to save your catches and waypoints. 
Anglers can retrieve and log unique data about each lure and fishing experience automatically.

Check out our instructional video below!

1. Register

  • Enter your registration details

  • Use a password with a capital and a number

2. Add Lure

  • Tap +Add Lure

  • Scan Barcode on XPS or Livingston Lure

3. Scanning Lure

  • Tap Scan Button

  • Hold up UPC barcode on the package or the lure near red text

4. Add to Tackle Box

  • Tap Add to confirm and view lure specs

5. Add Catch

  • Track every catch. Just tap Add Catch
  • Add a catch from Lure Detail page or the Tackle Box

6. Catch Details

  • Enter the details of the catch, scan or swipe to select lure.

  • Add the fish detail and take a photo

  • Later you can view details once it's added

7. Catch Log

  • Access your full catch log

  • Or the log for a single lure

8. Overall Catch Map View

  • Tap the map to see your overall catch log

  • Zoom, pan, and interact with the map to explore your catches

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