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The VAPOR 50 gives you a 50mm body and circuit-board coffin bill that was designed by Team Livingston pros who wanted quick, tight-vibrating action. It hits depths in the 8- to 10-foot zone fast, cruising through the grass and deflecting well off the cover, all the while drawing fish from double the distance of traditional crankbaits, thanks to EBS TechnologyTM. That natural sound of actual baitfish triggers more bites!

All Livingston Lures are water activated. The contact points are the eyelets that hold the hooks. When the lure comes in contact with water, it completes the circuit between both eyelets and activates the lure. You can simulate the connection by placing your fingertips on both hook eyelets at the same time. Hold the lure close to your ear (not too close though) and listen to the sound of a distressed Shad, or crawfish one of nature’s most sought after forage fish, minnows, croakers, mullet and more. The sound the lure emits is located on the package near the UPC code on the back. If there isn’t a sound there, your lure emits EBS Original sound which is the distressed Shad. While it may sound like a chirp to us, to a predator it sounds like a dinner bell.


Type: Crankbait

Depth: Up to 10’

Action: Medium Diver

Weight: 0.4 oz

Length: 2”

Features: EBS Smart Chip

Hooks: 2X Strong, VMC BN #6 X2


EBS Shad: Copperhead, Chartreuse Shad, Melon Shad, Chartreuse Splatter Shad, AYU, Pro Green, Chartreuse Blue Shiner, XXX Shad, 

EBS Bream: True Bream

EBS Crawfish: Guntersville Craw, Okie Craw, Brown Craw, Spring Craw, Ghost Green Craw

EBS Perch: Matte Tiger


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