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Pro Sizzle

Series: Pro

Black Zombie

  • Ideal for targeting largemouth and smallmouth bass, striped bass, musky, walleye, pike, northern pike, redfish, speckled trout
  • Good for any stained water
  • Fish early morning/late afternoon in sunny/partly sunny conditions
Price: $9.49

Available Colors

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Product Details

Product Description

The PRO SIZZLE is a walking-style topwater bait that produces explosive surface blow-ups like no other topwater. The Pro Sizzle features EBS Technology™ with illumination in the tail section, key components to attracting more fish. The illumination fades in and out on the retrieve, and when combined with the power of EBS, makes the Sizzle irresistible to fish foraging on the surface. A twitch of the rod allows you to “walk the dog” like a pro, and draw fish from double the distance of traditional lures. 

Product Specs

Product Series:
Lure Type: Depth:
4-1/4in / 108mm

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