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Primetyme CB 1.5

Series: Tournament

Citrus Sparkle

  • Ideal for targeting largemouth bass, smallmouth bass
  • Good for any stained water
  • Fish all day and night in overcast/partly cloudy conditions
Price: $11.99

Available Colors

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Product Details

Product Description

Just like its big brother the 2.0, the PRIMETYME CB 1.5 features a thin, circuit-board coffin bill that gives this bait the erratic fleeing action of a baitfish while diving shallower (2 to 4 feet), and with a slightly smaller baitfish profile. This attractive action unites with EBS Technology™, so you get a deadly 1-2 combination that triggers fish to strike from double the distance of traditional lures.

Product Specs

Product Series:
Lure Type: Depth:
Shallow Diver
2-3/8in / 60mm

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