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Poppa 6

Series: Salt Series

Price: $17.99

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Product Description

There’s nothing subtle about the topwater assault of a dorado, wahoo, tarpon, redfish or striped bass, and the BIG POPPA 6 plays right along. This popper was designed for B-I-G popping action and maximum surface attraction for the most aggressive of saltwater predators. The Big Poppa’s fish-attracting power starts with the exaggerated, deeply scooped face, which creates a violent surface concussion (pop) that imitates an injured baitfish and catches the attention of nearby predators. Add to that the undeniable boost of EBS TechnologyTM, which emits the actual biological sounds of the baitfish (pinfish, mullet, sardine, etc.) that predatory fish are programmed to feed on, and you’ll have a popper that draws inshore species from quadruple the distance of a traditional popper! Built with heavy-duty components and wire-through construction, the Big Poppa 6 will stand up to the abuse  predators dish out.

Product Specs

Product Series:
Salt Series
Lure Type: Depth:
2.2 oz.
6 in.

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