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PoBoy 90 SU

Series: Salt Series

Price: $11.99

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Product Details

Product Description

The suspending version of the POBOY 90  produces the same irresistible twitching/darting action as the slow-sinking PoBoy 90 , but it allows the power of EBS Shrimp to reach out even farther as it hovers in the water. The result is a shrimp imitation that looks like a shrimp and also produces the actual biological sounds of shrimp that ALL saltwater fish respond to naturally. The PoBoy 90 S is a lure that no redfish, cobia, snook, snapper, striped bass, etc. can resist.

Product Specs

Product Series:
Salt Series
Lure Type: Depth:
0-2 feet
.5 oz.
3.7 in.

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