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Series: Predator

Price: $14.99

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Product Description

Engineered to dive deep quickly while producing a hard-vibrating swim action, the INTERCEPTOR is your best tool for finding giant pike, musky, walleye and striped bass lurking on offshore structure in the 18-20 foot range. This fishing lure coaxes the largest predators in the food chain to bite through the power of EBS Technology™, which emits the actual biological sounds of baitfish. It has a wicked side-to-side wobble and vibration that holds its track at high trolling speeds over sharp breaklines, where the biggest predators often live. Use the Interceptor to draw fish from double the distance of traditional lures. Built with 2mm wire-through construction. 


Product Specs

Product Series:
Lure Type: Depth:
Up to 15'
Medium Diver
0.9 oz

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