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EBS Spinner 158

Series: Predator

Price: $19.99

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This lure offers the perfect combination of fish-catching tradition and revolutionary technology. The EBS SPINNER 158 advances the time-tested abilities of the classic inline spinner – one of the most widely used fishing lures in history. Traditional flashing blades are enhanced by a capsule/body featuring EBS Technology™, which emits the actual biological sounds of baitfish (shad and perch) that predator species like musky, walleye, pike, striped bass, and more feed on heavily. EBS effectively doubles the Spinner’s fish-attracting range. Plus, the 158 is dressed in marabou for optimal strike enticement. The Spinner 158 is a “Fish Catching Machine” that provides you with a combination of sound and visual attraction unlike anything you’ve ever fished before!

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