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EBS Mullet

Series: Salt Series

Price: $10.99

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Product Description

If you're an inshore redfish or trout angler who wants an extra advantage, the EBS MULLET features a combination of action and sound that has never been seen before. Starting with an irresistible darting action and side-to-side flashing wobble as it falls, the Mullet is even more effective with EBS™ technology, which emits the actual biological sounds of forage (mullet, shad, croaker, and more) to draw redfish and trout from twice the distance as traditional fishing lures. This EBS-powered “Fish Catching Machine” is the first inshore lure with both the natural sound and swim action of the forage that redfish, trout and other inshore species feed on! 

Product Specs

Product Series:
Salt Series
Lure Type: Depth:
0.7 oz

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