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Dirty Dancer 126

Series: Predator

Price: $22.99

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Product Description

In the words of renowned predator expert Pete Maina, the DIRTY DANCER 126 has “the wildest action and vibration you’ll ever see” in a lure for pike, musky, walleye, striped bass, and more. The DD 126’s action starts up front with the dished-out nose and continues through the extended, jointed body, which allows it to vibrate and shimmy aggressively at any trolling speed. It can also be cast and retrieved. The aggressive action allows even the most inexperienced musky angler to fish it effectively. Simply reel it slowly and allow the action and power of EBS TechnologyTM to draw fish from double the distance of any traditional predator lure. Built with 2mm wire-through construction. 

Product Specs

Product Series:
Lure Type: Depth:
2-4 Feet
2.3 oz.
9.7 in.

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