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Big Shot

Series: Salt Series

Price: $39.99

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Product Details

Product Description

Designed to attract the biggest fish that swim in the biggest offshore waters in the world, the BIG SHOT was engineered to excel at high trolling speeds for wahoo and tuna (but it'll attract everything from dorado to yellowtail!). It starts with the Big Shot's ultra-tight action, which holds true whether you're trolling it in the prop wash or off a downrigger. This action is of baitfish (bonita, etc.) and boosts the Big Shot's Attraction Radius by up to four times that of traditional trolling lures. The Big Shot is constructed to hold up to big-water abuse, with wire-though construction and heavy-duty components.

Product Specs

Product Series:
Salt Series
Lure Type: Depth:
20' - 25'
10.69 oz

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