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When it comes to lure design, we don’t take anything for granted. What IS might work, but what it should be is where we want to deliver. EBS Technology™ adds the missing ingredient traditional fishing lures don’t have and provides a benefit to every type of lure — but we also want our lures to look, act and perform better than what IS already out there. We start with the expertise of successful professional anglers like 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champion Randy Howell, perennial top-ranking BASS Elite pros Hank Cherry and Jacob Powroznik, three-time FLW AOY Andy Morgan, and BASS Elite tour winner Byron Velvick. Add to this over 200 handpicked Pro Staff members who are actively promoting, fishing and giving us their input on lures, lure designs and desires. Finish it off with the feedback and suggestions we receive every day from anglers we meet on the road, write, or call to talk about lures.

Put it all together and you have a wealth of experience that helps the Livingston Lures Design Team develop the best baits possible, breaking tradition with innovative new products to enhance your fishing experiences.


During the years following Livingston’s introduction to the market, the brand grew and established a presence in the industry. Professional angler Randy Howell joined Team Livingston in 2012 boasting a successful track record, but Howell’s big victory came February 2014. Livingston was completing work on its 2014 releases in late 2013 and sent Howell a prototype to test out before the 2014 Bassmaster Classic. Howell met with success with the prototype lure and tied it on during the final day of the Classic as a strategy to boost his 11th place ranking. The lure delivered, and caught Howell’s biggest catch of the tournament earning him the Champion title. The lure is now titled the Howeller Dream Master Classic, after the pro himself, and the color, the Guntersville Craw, after Lake Guntersville, the 2014 Classic location.


For 2019, we are introducing new products with upgraded or new color selections in both freshwater and saltwater. If you fish for big freshwater predators like Musky, Pike and Striper or saltwater pelagics like Redfish, Bass, trout, Dorado…and more, we have products for you.

“When you get people like Byron Velvick, Randy Howell and Hank Cherry throwing Livingston Lures and they believe in it...the bait works.” - Joe Bray, Horseshoe Bay Pro Fishing Guide

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