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Lure Benefits 

Increase your catch rate with Livingston Lures 

Natural Biological Baitfish Sound

Livingston Lures mimic the true biological sound of distressed baitfish.

2x the Range Over Other sound lures.

Our built-in sound travels 2 times the distance compared to other sound Lures.

Motionless  Bait 


Our electronic baitfish technology is water activated with no need for movement to attract your next catch.

your Upper hand 

Leverage the accuracy of Electronic Baitfish Technology (EBS)

Stop leaving empty-handed and let your next big catch come to you with the help of the biological sound of Electronic Baitfish Technology (EBS).

Bass Master Classic champion

First place never tasted so good!

Go for your gold, and choose the right tools to get the job done right. 

Worlds first Lure with bait fish sounds


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