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Bringing the Heat with Livingston Lures Headhunter

Posted by Lauren Ruebe on
Bringing the Heat with Livingston Lures Headhunter

One of the most highly recommended baits in the Livingston Lure collection happens to be the Headhunter.  The Livingston Lures Headhunter, Headhunter 8, and Headhunter Magnum combine all of the best features of crankbaits, jerkbaits, and glide baits into one enchanted lure that gets the job done. For those who haven’t casted and retrieved the Headhunter, lets go down the rabbit hole into what you might be missing out on.

The folks at Livingston have gone to great lengths to advance the culture of predatory fishing with huge leaps in technology driven lure creation and the Livingston Lure Headhunter is no exception.  The Headhunter is equipped with Electronic Baitfish Sound Technology (EBS), double-jointed body, and a crank bait lip.  All of its features work together to generate the ultimate bait for versatility.

Pete Maina Musky Fishing Livingston Lures Head Hunter

Working the Livingston Headhunter is simple and definitely affective.  It is always surprising when a lure glides this naturally and is so easy to present.  The Headhunter can be an affective lure providing you use it in one of these five methods: a side-to-side sweep like a glider with gentle tugs, give it swift taps for erratic jerkbait activity, long deep pulls with pauses, straight crank retrieve, or even trolling with a max depth of about 12 feet.  Nothing beats the performance of the Livingston Lures Headhunter when it comes to swift erratic action, wobbles, kicks, and of course those dialed in frenzy creating EBS sounds.  The Headhunter really is the total package.

The Livingston Lures Headhunter comes in 3 lengths – 6-, 8-, and 10-inch versions, so you never miss an opportunity for strikes when conditions require up or downsizing.  The team at Livingston have also put together an assortment of colors that gives the Headhunter an edge in all types of water whether clear or stained.  Hot colors like Matte Tiger or natural colors like Cisco, provide you with a complete range for fishing all of your favorite lakes and rivers.  The Headhunter is also equipped with multiple VMC hooks for that powerful and reliable hook-set.

When the name of the game is trophy fishing and you need to trust your lure to entice the biggest predators in freshwater, the Livingston Lures Headhunter will be your greatest asset.  Picking up one in each size and a variety of colors will help you keep muskies and Northern pike on the edge of their seats the next time you hit the water.

-Pete Maina




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