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The DM JR is crankbait dynamite in a small package, with a natural action that excels in the 4- to 6-foot depth range. It draws fish from twice the distance of traditional lures thanks to EBS Technology, which emits the actual biological sounds of baitfish.

All Livingston Lures are water activated. The contact points are the eyelets that hold the hooks. Whenthe lure comes in contact with water, it completes the circuit between both eyelets and activates thelure. You can simulate the connection by placing your fingertips on both hook eyelets at the same time.Hold the lure close to your ear (not too close though) and listento the sound of a distressed Shad, or crawfish one of nature’smost sought after forage fish, minnows, croakers, mullet andmore. The sound the lure emits is located on the package nearthe UPC code on the back. If there isn’t a sound there, your lureemits EBS Original sound which is the distressed Shad. Whileit may sound like a chirp to us, to a predator it sounds like adinner bell.


Type: Crankbait

Depth: 4’

Action: Shallow

Weight: 0.57 oz

Length: 2.3”

Features: EBS Smart Chip, Rattles

Hooks: 2X Strong Mustad, #6 X2


All colors come equipped with EBS Original


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