Pro Wake (Saltwater Lures)
Color: Bone Croaker
Lure Specs:

The Pro Wake provides an irresistible sub-surface swimming action and wide body design. It has a 90 degree square bill and a tail that illuminates in and out naturally.

  • Type: Crankbait
  • Depth: Inches
  • Action: Subsurface
  • Weight: 15/16 ounce
  • Length: 3 inches / 76mm
  • Features: Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS™) Technology, Smart Chip, Advanced Rattles, Illumination, Mustad anodized hooks
Product #: 2294

Lure Description :

My Livingston wasn’t in the water for 10 seconds before I caught my first of 4 fish with this lure in the matter of maybe 15 minutes...This crankbait & EBS Technology works!

- Kurtis C.
O'Fallon, MO