Pro Wake

Each Livingston Lure features our proprietary EBS technology that emulates Natural Baitfish Sounds with the ability to generate more strikes even while completely motionless in the water.

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Pro Wake (Saltwater Lures)
Color: Bone Croaker
Product #: 2294
  • Electronic Baitfish Sounds
  • Smart Chip Technology
  • Advanced Rattles
  • Illuminated Tail

Pro Wake

About The Pro Wake
Pro Wake

The Pro Wake provides an irresistible sub-surface swimming action with its deep body design and 90 degree angle square bill. This easy to cast wake bait allows anglers to cover the shallows in search of aggressive fish “looking up” for forage. As with all our “Smart Baits”, Livingston Lures has developed a better version of a proven bait by adding the ability to “Call” fish to the Pro Wake with its Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS) and Vibration Technology.