Pro Sizzle Jr

Each Livingston Lure features our proprietary EBS technology that emulates Natural Baitfish Sounds with the ability to generate more strikes even while completely motionless in the water.

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Pro Sizzle Jr (Saltwater Lures)
Color: Bone Croaker
Product #: 2494
  • Electronic Baitfish Sounds
  • Smart Chip Technology
  • Advanced Rattles

Pro Sizzle

About The Pro Sizzle
Pro Sizzle

Our full size Pro Sizzle can cover some water and “Call” up some fish! Our Pro Sizzle offers a counter weight transfer system that allows this bait to FLY from the anglers reel! With one twitch of the rod, this bait will let any angler “Walk-the-Dog” like a pro. With the Pro Sizzle’s patented Electronic Baitfish Sound (EBS) and Vibrating Technology imitating panicked baitfish, you’ll find this bait will stimulate predatory reactions from fish even while sitting still on the surface